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New eBook Offers Reveals How to Obtain Immediate Relief from Chronic Back Pain


Buffalo, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2017 -- Harris Anderson, founder of Chronic Back Pain Gone announced that he's offering individuals a significant discount on his new eBook, "Chronic Back Pain Gone: The 10 Minute Miracle Method for Back Pain Relief." The downloadable eBook comes with extensive bonus materials.

"Back pain affects your entire quality of life and can lead to a life-long dependence on addictive pain medications," said Anderson. "It's important to understand that back pain isn't your fault and it can be permanently alleviated in just 10 minutes."

Anderson is uniquely qualified to speak about back pain – he experienced it firsthand himself for many years. He consulted with specialists in multiple fields, but failed to obtain lasting relief until he tried a new method that addresses the underlying cause of neck and back pain.

Back pain affects 31 million Americans and lower back pain is the primary cause of disability worldwide. Anderson's book is written in clear, easy to understand language that walks readers through the step-by-step process for easing chronic back pain in just 10 minutes that they can begin to use immediately to find relief.

The method has been utilized for centuries as a traditional remedy for back pain in Asia. Completely non-invasive, the technique can be performed in the comfort of home. The eBook provides all the necessary information for readers to immediately begin to mitigate neck and back pain.

Individuals who purchase "Chronic Back Pain Gone: The 10 Minute Miracle Method for Back Pain Relief" will receive bonus materials that includes "50 Things You Should do to Manage Back Pain," "The Truth About Back Pain Surgery: Do You Need It?" and "How to End Back Pain in 1 Week." The book also comes with "Top 9 Low Back Pain Exercises," "Best 10 Simple Exercises Recommended by the Spine Experts," and a 60 day satisfaction guarantee.

The release of Anderson's new eBook, "Chronic Back Pain Gone: The 10 Minute Miracle Method for Back Pain Relief," provides a lasting solution for anyone who suffers from neck and back pain. The natural method doesn't rely on potentially dangerous prescription medications and addresses the root cause of the problem, allowing individuals to quickly alleviate pain and enjoy their normal lifestyle.

About is the official site of the new ebook "Chronic Back Pain Gone", which highlights a 10-minute miracle method for immediate back pain relief, a newly discovered secret to the permanent healing of all chronic back pain. The treatment isn't known by Western countries, but it's constantly used by Asians. Not only does it work, it's supported by many reputable studies.

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