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New eBook on Kindle for Moms Who Want to Work from Home

“Mommies Making Money Online” – Build, Run & Grow an Online Business


Fremont, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2014 -- Today many women especially stay-at-home moms have started working from home and running their own online businesses so as to stay financially independent. There are also career-oriented women who due to family reasons have to quit their jobs to take care of their newborns and kids. This book “Mommies Making Money Online” is an excellent eBook specifically written for women who want to stay at home and run their own internet businesses online. There are success stories of many moms who have been working from home and generating significant income not only to meet the needs of the family but also live a financially stable life.

This eBook is written and designed to help moms understand the principles and secrets of internet. The book helps women succeed in building, running and growing an internet business right from home. The book will teach women how to find time to build a business online; how to choose their niche and what to sell; and how to build an excellent website that is good and cheap. Lorna and Nick Marquetare, authors of the book are very passionate about this topic and add “I understood that to empower moms to connect to the global economy and take a little or as much as they wanted to achieve their dreams and take control of their families future was not only a right but a necessity.”

The book also explains the 7 pillars of making money online which are Intention, Niche, Products, Customers, Tools and Services, Optimization and Innovation. These 7 pillars or steps are easy to remember and will be useful at every step of decision making in the business. The edition has 164 pages and is published by Marquet Publishing (September 23, 2014) and sold by Amazon Digital Services, Inc. The book is written by Lorna and Nick Marquet and edited by Rebecca Barry-Hill.

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