New Ebook to Help Cooks Prepare Delicious Freezer Meals and Preserve Food in the Freezer


Alberta, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/31/2014 -- Freezable Freezer Meals & Preserving Cookbook” is the first ebook from author Krista Cameron. The ebook, published specifically for the Kindle, was recently released on and is now available for download at the price point of $2.99. Cameron wrote the book to share her experience using frozen foods to prepare meals for her family and at the book’s release said, “For years I've been freezing food so I wanted to create a cookbook that truly explains all the benefits of using your freezer and what it can do in your home kitchen.”

The ebook offers quick & easy recipes for delicious meals prepared from food that has been frozen. Cameron explains that the inspiration for her book came from watching friends and family struggle to prepare nutritious meals every night given their hectic schedules. Cameron decided to share her knowledge of make ahead recipes to help anyone have healthy and delicious meals ready each and every night.

The ebook reveals Cameron’s philosophy of buying food in bulk and freezing it, either as raw ingredients or as prepared meals that can be thawed and prepared later. Inside the pages readers will find information about food preservation and food storage and perhaps most important, how to use freezer meals to save money and prepare delicious dinners. Cameron credits many of the recipes to her mother who was also an expert at freezing foods using that frozen stash to prepare nutritious meals for the family.

The 199 page ebook downloads at a size of 4430 KB and was published by Cooking Cheat. Since it was first published on June 19, 2014 “Freezable Freezer Meals & Preserving Cookbook” has become a popular seller on Amazon and has received positive reviews from readers. One excited reader said, “I highly recommend this book especially for people like myself who try to keep it simple when cooking. As someone who cooks and has a chaotic schedule, the recipes are great to plan my week and not end up throwing away food.”

“Freezable Freezer Meals & Preserving Cookbook” is now available on and is priced for the Kindle. For a limited time customer who purchase the ebook will also receive the refrigerator and freezer storage cheat sheet, freezing fruits and vegetables charts and a guide to in-season fruits & vegetables free of charge.

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