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New Electronic Cigarette Retailer Unleashes a Pure Product for Tobacco Fans Everywhere


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2012 -- Smokers all over the country are watching their once-enjoyable past-time become demonized by figures in the media and so-called health advocates everywhere. While technology advances have been delivering amazing outcomes to so many over the last decade, one thing was truly lacking; some kind of breakthrough or development which would allow smokers to enjoy their daily ritual while reducing any negative health or environmental impact.

Invented by the industrious Chinese in 2003, the electronic cigarette was the answer to many a smoker’s dream – finally a technological breakthrough that allows millions to enjoy smoking as they see fit without the associated health complaints. By using heat to convert a liquid solution into a vapor, all the issues associated with the inhalation of traditional cigarette smoke were eliminated!

But the problems didn’t end there, for while this should have ushered in a new golden age for tobacco products associated with the e cigarette, many of those who attempted to make the switch noticed something shocking: a true lack of quality products on the market which would allow them to enjoy their hobby. While it was as easy as walking to the corner store to get a pack of their old faithful, many spent hours scouring the internet looking for high-quality electronic cigarettes but failing every time. Well, that is until the advent of PureCigs.com.

PureCigs.com has recently launched in an effort to unleash the true potential of electronic cigarettes for millions across the nation who would benefit from making the switch. Carrying a wide array of products to suit people of all shapes and sizes, the team behind Pure Cigs are committed to providing smokers from all corners with some of the most technologically impressive applications of e-cigarette technology available anywhere, all at prices that won’t break the bank.

With everything from traditional-strength e-cigarettes to the class-leading Pure XL, perhaps the most powerful electronic cigarette available, it’s no wonder thousands of people are turning to the experts at Pure Cigs. As more and more American’s embrace life without the tar, ash or smell of traditional cigarettes, the majority of them find themselves at PureCigs.com, making the most of the best electronic cigarettes to be found on the market.

About PureCigs.com
Pure Cigs is the world’s premier source for electronic cigarettes, parts and e-cigarette refills. Inspired by the potential of e-cigarette technology to change the lives of millions of smokers across the nation, PureCigs.com launched with a mission to provide only the best in electronic cigarette technology to all those looking to make the switch. For more information, visit http://www.purecigs.com