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New Email Marketing Software ROEmails Helps Marketers Increase Their Email Conversions


Geneva, Switzerland -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2014 -- Webnova, a company that creates and publishes helpful marketing software, recently announced the launch of its newest product, ROEmails. The company’s free software, which can be downloaded at no cost on roemails.com, aims to improve email marketing performance by adding live scarcity directly into the inbox of the reader.

ROEmails, or “Returns On Emails,” is comparable to ROI, or “Returns on Investments.” Webnova’s newest software allows anyone to create an email countdown timer for a person's inbox. This tool is the first of its kind: it adds urgency into emails and increases open rates, traffic, and conversions.

Webnova created ROEmails to fill a gap in the industry, especially because subscriber engagement through email marketing is dropping with open rates of approximately three to four percent on average. Additionally, the click rate has also fell one to two percent. The new technology allows any marketer to create sense of urgency and embed it into all their outgoing messages.

The goal of ROEMails is to help companies engage with their readers. By creating special deals and trusted limited special offers, companies can improve their readership. Webnova believes that if readers can trust the sender of the emails, they will be more likely to open future emails and participate in deals.

“We've created ROEmails to help emailers and marketers increase their Returns On Emails,” stated an article available on the company’s website. “With ROEmails, your click-through-rate and conversions will skyrocket. Plus, your long term open rates—as well as your subscribers—will now expect more good deals from you.”

Individuals interested in learning more about ROEmails and finding out how to increase email conversions can visit the website for additional information. Visitors are also welcome to contact the ROEmails with questions about its services and or use the website’s help feature.

About ROEmails
Webnova is the brand under which the ROEMails company is creating and publishing software to help marketers improve their online marketing performance. The company’s latest software, ROEmails was created to fill a gap in the industry. For more information, please visit http://roemails.com