Microspace Communications

New Enterprise Wireless Solution Announced


Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2014 -- Microspace Communications, the industry leader in satellite communications, is excited to announce a new service that perfectly complements satellite delivery solutions: CellCast. CellCast is an enterprise wireless solution that utilizes wireless technology to offer enterprise networks a cost effective and reliable means of delivering content and/or providing a communications path from each site within a network.

As a stand-alone network, CellCast offers enterprise customers a network solution that is cost-effective, secure, and has dedicated bandwidth for content delivery. This standalone wireless network typically runs parallel to an enterprise’s existing wide-area-network making it easy to implement and deploy across a large number of locations.

Operated in a hybrid network, Cellcast helps merge the advantages of multicast satellite delivery with the cost effectiveness and ease of use of wireless delivery.

The new service is available as either a standalone network or a hybrid network. It also provides strong national 4G/LTE coverage and utilizes true enterprise grade equipment bundled into a reasonable per location monthly cost.

Learn more at http://microspace.com/services/velocity-cellcast