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New Entrepreneurial Academy Offers a Business Approach to How to Make Money Blogging


Riverview, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2012 -- The online space has been the standout sector in an otherwise flat economy. While many industries are seeing their workforces shrink and profits decline, savvy figures within the online sphere have seen their ventures grow. It seems the true leaders in today’s cautious business climate are the DIY entrepreneurs, those who have turned hard work and a niche into a strong opportunity.

One method of marketing that features prominently in many stories is that of a blog. Originally seen as an online diary by early adopters, the blog has evolved into a true marketing powerhouse used by both solo entrepreneurs as well as large-scale enterprise. It now goes without saying that some of the most influential opinion leaders in the world are bloggers, and the phenomenon is only increasing.

While in theory blogging can be done by anyone, the big question on most people’s lips is simple; how is it possible to make money blogging? David Risley, a content marketing specialist and long-time blogging advocate, is pretty sure he’s got the answer. Risley is so confident, in fact, that he’s created a platform by which to share his experiences and educate budding bloggers everywhere, the Blog Marketing Academy.

Himself a full-time professional blogger for over 14 years, Risley has kept a close eye on the rise of the blog, watching the format grow in reach and influence. “We believe that a blog is a marketing platform - one of the most powerful marketing platforms available today,” Risley recently commented. The difference he sees between those who have monetized their efforts and those who fail to is simply one of knowledge and direction, something which his latest venture is poised to address. “Whether you're an individual blogger looking to create or grow an online business, a business owner seeking to expand reach and sales, an online marketer looking to better employ blogging, Blog Marketing Academy is here to show you how to succeed.”

Risley also takes a somewhat novel approach to the idea of making money blogging - at least as compared to the way others teach it. Many who try to begin an online business with a blog find themselves getting overwhelmed and confused. Blog Marketing Academy approaches this topic with real business fundamentals, walks people through a proven process of designing a real business. Risley treats the endeavour like a business startup.

In a world where businesses are looking to market more effectively for lower cost, and people unable to find employment are seeking out worthy alternatives, Blog Marketing Academy seeks to simplify what is otherwise seen as complicated. David clearly states that he thinks blogging alone is not a business model. However, approached correctly, a blog can serve as a very powerful medium for jump-starting and marketing any business effort.

About Blog Marketing Academy
Blog Marketing Academy is the brainchild of David Risley, a content marketing advocate, entrepreneur and blogger with over 14 years’ experience in the industry. Starting his own technology blog in 1998, David quickly realized the potential of the medium as a compelling marketing vehicle. The end result of his first endeavour online was a six figure operation serving a quarter of a million visitors a month.

David’s Blog Marketing Academy shows bloggers and business owners how to apply strategic blog marketing and business savvy to build a solid, profitable business, something particularly relevant in today’s tough economic climate. For more information, visit http://www.blogmarketingacademy.com