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The Book By Jules Aib Can Be of Immense Use To Martial Arts Lovers


Canberrra, Molonglo -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2012 -- There are many people who are interested in martial arts and they may want to enhance their knowledge levels as well as skills. For them, the book entitled "The Secret Science of Combat Strategy" that has recently been released by the Balboa Press may be of immense use. The book that has been authored by Jules Aib may be of use not only for those who have basic knowledge of martial arts but also to those who are otherwise interested in this combat strategy. The book contains detailed instructions given in a format that is easy and simple to follow.

The author, Jules Aib, has devoted his entire life to martial art forms that are Zen based. So, the combat strategies he outlines in this book are a comprehensive collection described from the point of view of a martial artist. According to the author, martial art is no ordinary art. It is more intellectual and creative than what it appears externally. Every move is executed with thoroughness and conviction. What the martial artist thinks and feels before engaging in the fight, during the combat and after it may be the intriguing questions that may interest people who are curious to know how elite fighters think, and the secret behind their calm exterior and even more stable centre of being. The author explores these areas and secrets that have never been explored earlier and tries to give a glimpse of the "invisible soul" of the martial artist.

The author considers that strategies should be approached like the discipline of science. To help people understand the true spirit, beauty, and wisdom derived from deep insight into the science of combat strategy, the book includes several beautiful photographs and illustrations that breath life into the profound message offered to readers.

There are many elite fighters who are masters in this martial art. If you have been practicing some form of a combat system, you will derive tremendous value from this book. Even if you are simply a fan of martial arts, MMA or UFC and are not a practitioner, you will enjoy the insights into the state-of-mind that makes elite fighters champions. In a nutshell, this book teaches you how you can fight and win in a combat, but more importantly how you can succeed in your life, which is your ultimate battle.

About "The Secret Science of Combat Strategy:
This book, authored by Jules Aib, gives a lot of insights into the combat strategies one has to adopt for winning in a fight. This book can help not only those who know the basics of martial arts but those who can just enjoy the arts. Simply put, this book teaches how to win in life.

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