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Doral, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2014 -- According to industry statistics, about 1/3 of all adults are over weight, spending over $150 billion in medical care associated with obesity related illnesses. Furthermore, over $160 million has been spent this year alone by Americans looking to lose weight on programs and weight loss products. Hoping to stop the endless cycle, Kerry, spokesperson for weightloss-successplan.com announced they are now offering the new express diet showing consumers how to lose weight at home.

Says the site's spokesperson, "Many believe you have to be on a diet for months even a full year to lose weight, but they are wrong. You can lose weight within a few weeks on a healthy weight loss program. Now, dieters can lose weight fast, the healthy and sure way, without putting it back on." He goes on to explain further, saying, "It is a given that the body can and does lose weight. So that means losing weight is easy, if you know how. The formula has been broken down in a simple process of: eat less fat and more exercise. But our process introduces the idea of intermittent fasting and shows the dieter how to make it work for them."

The spokesperson for the site continues saying, "We often have people ask us 'How do I lose weight quickly?' and we point them to this Intermittent fasting program. Intermittent fasting does not mean to stop eating completely. It refers to a reduction of the amount that you eat, but only for a very short period of time. Basically eat normally five days a week, and then for two days a week you diet and reduce the quantity of calories for two days to ΒΌ of the level you would eat on the days you are not dieting. This means that on Monday and Thursday eat 500 calories as a woman; if you're a guy then that would be 600."

Intermittent fasting is not a new concept, but according to weightloss-successplan.com, it's an idea that needs a great deal of support, which is where the website comes into play, but the spokesman does say the plan should yield at least 1-2 pounds a week weight loss for those who stick to the plan. "With this system you should lose about 1-2 pounds a week, but remember success means not over-eating on the normal days. Once you follow this, you will not only lose weight, but also enjoy a wide range of health benefits. Studies show that dieting continuously, people will see improvements in blood pressure and cholesterol levels, but also on the sensitivity of insulin.

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