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New Facebook Marketing Strategy Launched


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2013 -- A new start-up has launched out of Tampa, Florida which helps individuals and small business owners capitalize on the viral nature of Facebook.

If you’re in business you know how hard it is to generate traffic online for your business. As a business you just want to get traffic to your website and start generating sales but because of the immense competition online, this is extremely difficult. One way to increase your traffic is to target Facebook for your marketing efforts. Since Facebook is so popular, you can’t afford not to use this for your social media marketing strategy.

Unfortunately, Facebook has grown to over 1 billion users and it is hard to find the right pages and groups to attract qualified leads.

"This online software resolves that issue by helping you find the right pages, people and groups to target." stated Roger Safont - CEO. "By your keyword searches and affinity relationships, you can find the relevant pages to post on which will help drive people back to your site / page."

As a business you need Facebook Marketing Software to help target the right leads and enhance your Facebook Marketing Strategy.

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Dawn Martin
Director of Media Relations