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New Fantasy Book Tells British Schoolboy Wizard to Step Aside; as Aben Egole has Arrived

Brandishing powerful secrets, Aben Egole is the new kid on the block; transporting readers into a world of fantasy, adventure and to where mystical powers prove that anything is possible.


Kalamazoo, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2012 -- While one British schoolboy wizard has transformed the literary world for good, critics are now claiming that his U.S equivalent is about to take this side of the Atlantic by storm.

Aben Egole is brought to bookshelves by author Daniel B. Royer, an acclaimed writer with decades of publishing experience. Particularly noted for his adventures far outside of this galaxy, Egole is delighting fantasy and adventure fans across the nation.

Official synopsis:

"Secrets of the Egole’s Nest” is a Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Adventure about a sheltered, scholarly boy named Aben Egole. This bright young lad is soon befriended by a strange girl, which had just newly arrived as his next door neighbor.

He soon learns of her bizarre powers that take him to a far off world. Over time she discloses his astonishing family secrets, the greatest one being his superlative DNA, which bequeathed him with wondrous magical powers. These mystical powers crept into his life, propelling him and his father into adventures far beyond Earth’s galaxy. This is where a true hero is born and his legend ignites the Universe.

A new world of mystical masters known as the Qyzen Dynasty was procuring gifted candidates for their new legion of Astroknights. Their Universal knowledge bestowed powers into their recruits enabling them to perform amazing feats of mystical marvels. Such visions consisted of parting an ocean’s waters or soaring faster than the speed of light. All this unyielding fortitude to bring light to those planets around the Universe whom suffers under the ravages of the dark influences of the evil Imperial General Warnod.”

While the series’ first book has only just been released, it’s already attracting rave reviews.

“I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough; Aben Egole is a wonder boy with a stellar storyline. If you enjoy adventure and being physically engaged in the amazing worlds the author takes you, then you must read this book,” explains Walter Burt of Michigan.

Atom Skeater of Bookplex Reviews was equally as impressed.

“There is a good sense of wonder and magic in the book “Secrets of the Egole’s Nest”. There are many fantastical scenarios and creatures. Very creative,” she says.

With the world seemingly hooked on stories of young boys achieving wizardly feats, the literary landscape is perfectly placed to receive its newest star with open arms.

While its initial release has been hugely successful, author Daniel B. Royer remains focused on what really matters.

“My main goal, right from day one, was to write a story that will captivate and engage young readers, as well as adult fans of fantasy and adventure fiction. Many have compared it to another globally dominant series of wizard books, and I hope Aben Egole can enjoy the same stage as his British lightening-bold clad cousin,” he concludes.

Secrets of the Egole's Nest, published by BookBaby, is available now from Amazon.com in both Kindle and paperback formats.

For more information, please visit Daniel B. Royer’s official website: http://www.danroyer.com

His progress can also be followed on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/daniel.royer.14

About the Author: Daniel B. Royer
Daniel B. Royer is the Father of three wonderful children; residing in the state of Michigan. He was raised in a small town called Bay Village, which is nestled on the calming shores of Lake Erie. His mother and father raised both him and five brazen brothers under a strict catholic upbringing.

After high school he entered the U.S. military; there he served as a sergeant in the 101st Airborne Division of the honorable Screaming Eagles. After received an honorable discharge, Royer went on to serve in the National Guard where he began schooling in creative writing, and business.