New Feature Allows ZipBridge Calls to Connect Internationally


New Hope, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2016 -- ZipBridge is excited to announce new outbound international conference call capabilities that is available as an optional feature made possible by the company's partnership with TouchTone Communications. Technically, international calls were already possible (USA to Canada), but this new feature now permits instant conference calls across the globe. This feature saves clients and businesses time and money by eliminating barriers and connection surcharges when global participants need to join a conference bridge. With international outbound conference calling from ZipBridge, companies with personnel in different countries have a simple, fast, and economical method to bring those people into a standard or emergency conference call from anywhere in the world.

The setup is simple. Customers simply email to notify ZipBridge about any international call intentions and the company will assign a secure PIN registered with TouchTone Communications for billing. Initiating a landline or mobile conference call across different countries does not require any additional steps than does a standard ZipBridge call. Combining convenience, security, and functionality is one of the many ways that ZipBridge's innovative and intuitive platform has helped businesses respond to urgent issues and crises.

The only thing group members need to do to join impromptu international emergency conference calls is answer their phone and press '1'. This enables instant team calling for issues ranging from routine meetings to urgent response strategizing. While technical support is handled by ZipBridge, international calling usage billing is handled by their partner TouchTone Communications. Interested parties are encouraged to visit

About ZipBridge
ZipBridge is a communication platform that enables instant team communications by calling out to participants and bridging them on an unscheduled or emergency conference call as they answer. No need for phone chains, text messages, emails and PIN's to get the team on a call, just launch from the ZipBridge App or by calling a custom phone number and the team will recognize the call and be talking in seconds. More information can be found at