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New Fiction Release - Imagine a Power Hungry President Leading America's Path to Self Destruction - Is a Military Coup D'etat the Only Hope Remaining to Restore the Republic?

From author R. S. Bagaladi, ‘Crucible of Decline: Tottering on the fall ~ The Decline of America’ is the first book in a series of novels that portray a future America in the grip of war, hunger, disease, and calamity.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2014 -- There are four pillars of America’s greatness - Culture, Politic, Economic and Military.

To author and veteran R. S. Bagaladi, all four are under attack through government policies, and with his new fiction release, ‘Crucible of Decline: Tottering on the Fall’ The Decline of America’, Bagaladi hopes to open Americans’ eyes to the likely outcome of the United States’ fall from power and grace.

Set in the future, the book offers a prediction for what could happen when (not if) the American dollar collapses under the rule of a President with an unquenchable lust for power. As the American economy erodes and the cultural fabric of the nation falters, President Carson B. Archer declares a national emergency and enacts an obscure act of Congress to run the country as a dictator.

Searing, frightening, electrifying and all-too-realistic, ‘Crucible of Decline: Tottering on the fall – The Decline of America’ is both a condemnation of current government policies, and at its heart, a powerful tale of a country on the verge of annihilating its core values.

Synopsis: Once the United States currency is destroyed then what?

"Crucible of Decline" is a fictional story revolving around the eventual collapse of the United States dollar and how a corrupted Federal Government headed by President Carson B. Archer declares a national emergency using the “National Security Emergency Response Act” which has been resurrected from the cold war era thereby allowing the federal government to run the nation in a manner befitting of a dictator.

As the story expands, calamity overwhelms all domestic life and disrupts international balances to a dangerous and explosive level. The beginning chapter tells the roots of this fictional prediction and the destruction of the four Pillars of America’s greatness. Paramount is the Cultural Decline of America well underway in the later 20th and early 21st Centuries and has corrupted the Political Pillar and soon collapses the Economic Pillar leaving only the Military Pillar standing under siege but ready to strike back. The story is supported throughout with commentary, historical references and facts supporting the probability of this fictional story becoming a prophetic reality.

For the author, his book is a stern warning to the American people.

“The cultural decay is evident,” says Bagaladi. “When our cultural pillar crumbles, it corrupts the political pillar and then in turn, affects the economic pillar. That only leaves the military pillar – ready and waiting to strike back.

Continuing: “No political faction is exempt from criticism in the formation of this tragic story. Some may find moments of patriotism but not for long. There is much blame for all and no sacred cows are to be found in these pages. In the midst of this action the book also gives overall meaning and substance to the things that could happen to the average American when the dollar becomes worthless. “Americans will reap what they have sown.”

‘Crucible of Decline: Tottering on the Fall (Book One) (Volume 1)’ is available now: http://amzn.to/NnGcVa

About Mr. Bagaladi
Mr. Bagaladi, known to his friends as Rocky, is a man of intelligence and history's devout understudy. He claims no high station. He's one of the common folk, but blessed with the wisdom of those common men who do not fear to speak truths to the elite and powerful and he is capable and willing to face down the liars who are leading America into her dark path of decline. This was the kind of man who made America respected in the past.

Never forgetting his humble origins he’s a man of many vocations and experiences from his first job at 10 years old delivering newspapers, to driving 18 wheel trucks to paying his way while in college studying Geology. As the Vietnam War escalated he left college and enlisted in the military. A veteran of the U.S. Army during the cold war days he was entrusted with NATO top secret high security status and was trained in the geopolitical-military strategy. After his overseas duties he married and is blessed with a daughter. He continued his education later rising to the level of an executive with Cocoa-Cola USA. After retirement he traveled back to Europe for a considerable stay and study. Upon his return to the U.S. he joined in business ventures in New Orleans. After a successful decade and with the intervention of Hurricane Katrina he took his winnings and moved to a small Louisiana town north of the Big Easy.

From his historic home he continues to learn and travel. His most recent trip was to Sri Lanka to arrive the day before the longest war on terrorism in recent history ended. His conclusion - the meddling of so called peacekeepers kept the war going for 28 years causing tens of thousands of needless deaths. "War zones are no place for self promoting do-gooders" He is a man who makes no apologies for his unconventionality, his good manners, he echo a respectful era when men dressed with style and dignity - as he often says - "I dress like the men who raised me". He wrote this book to spark the realization in Americans that they have allowed the culture to be destroyed beyond the usual political means of repair. It would take generations to redeem what America once was. Time is not on the side of liberty these days. And he fears that all that remains is disillusion or penury.