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New File Sharing Platform Offers Both Security and Anonymity

A new file sharing platform which will allow users to not only share files securely but anonymously promises to make sharing and storing various digital media much safer and easier.


Narrabundah, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2014 -- The Flexi storage system is different from other, more common, digital storage platforms in two very significant ways. The creators of Flexi are promoting their product as a secure and anonymous way of storing and sharing any type of digital files. The other significant difference is that Flexi comes with a physical drive that is used to store the media. This drive makes it easier to store and move files from one place to another.

"We here at Flexi are determined to further online privacy and security. Especially when it comes to file sharing and media storage. We offer a solution to those who wish to have true anonymity with our built in Tor App. Completely loaded and ready to go with every Flexi Box. Our subscriber service allows our customers to securely view, transfer and download files of their own choosing. ", says a representative from the company.

Once the project is complete and production begins, the Flexi storage device will be sold for $50. Along with the physical drive, users will need to purchase online cloud storage. Prices for the virtual storage space vary depending on their size. Flexi will allow users to securely view, share and download digital media through the use of their TOR app. TOR, a free open source software, is used by many people all over the world to not only stay anonymous online but also to prevent traffic analysis, online surveillance and to help to protect the user's personal freedoms.

A representative from the company was quoted as saying, " So far we have completed the design and build of the hardware and reached beta release of the software. Next is the best part of any project, getting real people involved in the development trials. This campaign needs supporters to fund the creation of 500 devices, to use them and send their feedback to us with their experiences, suggestions, and ideas. ".

As of right now, the Flexi team has already completed their design of the physical Flexi drive and created a beta form of the software they plan on using. The next step involves initial developmental trials. They are looking to use these trials to not only test out the usability and security of their new product but also to help build the funds that they need to start production.

They will be using the crowdfunding website Indiegogo to connect with contributors. Everyone who contributes will be eligible for a perk. While perks start at just $5, those who are looking to get the physical Flexi drive along with online cloud storage will have to donate at least $50. A $50 donation will get the contributor a Flexi drive along with 100GB of online storage.

For more information about this project, visit their Indiegogo campaign page here

Contact Information:

Name : Henry Kelly
Phone: +61 0450343709
Address: 20 Marlee Place, Narrabundah, Australia