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New Flex Seal Reviews Website Gains Additional Consumer Reviewers


Staunton, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2011 -- The Website Flexsealreviews.org continues to gain additional product reviews from product users across the country. The Website is the most comprehensive Website dedicated to Flex Seal reviews from the Website founder and other product users.

The new Flex Seal is a spray rubber sealant designed to repair leaks in almost any material around the house. As with all new products that boast miraculous functionality by a few users, millions of potential customers across the country are looking for more user experiences. “Like most consumers across the country, I was looking for definitive proof that the product worked as advertised,” said the Flex Seal Reviews Website owner. It seemed like a good idea to create the Website so that my review of the product and others that I could post would help consumers judge from actual users rather than spokespeople.”

The first step for the Flex Seal Reviews Website founder was to buy Flex Seal just like any other consumer and then perform several informal tests on the product. He first coated the inside of a five gallon bucket with the spray rubber sealant in which he had made a number of holes and a gash in the side and bottom to test its waterproof capabilities. “If applied correctly as per the instructions I found that unlike other spray-on sealants, it actually creates a layer of rubber that held water and can be painted to match any surface color,” said the Website founder.

He next utilized the Flex Seal-repaired bucket to drain the hydraulic fluid from a mechanical system he was rebuilding and left it in the bucket for more than a month without leaks. “I videotaped the test and posted it to the review Website, and although I was convinced, I wanted to gather as many reviews from other users as possible so that consumers could make an informed decision,” said the Website Founder.

Flex Seal also seems to be impervious to the elements such as freezing and cracking or even hot flames. The product is also environmentally friendly as it contains no CFCs, chlorinated solvents, no 1,1,1-trichloroethane (methyl chloroform), and no Hexane. Review Website visitors can also follow a link to buy Flex Seal directly. For more information, please visit http://www.flexsealreviews.org

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Flexsealreviews.org is a personal blog that provides unbiased reviews of the Flex Seal rubber sealant product. The Website abides by word of mouth marketing standards and contains reviews from actual users of the product. The views and opinions expressed on the blog are purely those of each individual reviewer and the blog owner respectively.