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New Flip Book PDF Product Takes Electronic Reading to the Next Level


GuangZhou, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2013 -- Long are the days of old-fashioned reading. The times where readers would flip through the pages of a great novel or eager thumb through the glossy pages of their favorite magazine have been eradicating consistently over the past few years. With the new age of technology, readers, companies, and publishers alike must figure out how to best respond to the evolving way in which media is accessed these days.

Now, readers are in the age where hard copies of books are replaced by electronic versions of books, guides, and magazines. This has caused the publishing industry, from writers to companies, to adapt to these changes and figure out the best way to support electronic reading. At first it took some time for the notion of electronic reading to catch on, but now it has taken societies worldwide by storm and has become a major way (if not the most predominant way) in which large parts of society consume their favorite publications.

Many people doubted that society would completely transition to electronic versions of publications, however that seems to be the case. Newspapers, books, magazines, and trade books are all becoming novelties in the electronic world. No more heading to newsstands or perusing bookstore shelves for a good read. At the touch of a button, now readers can have what they want to read when they want it. There is unmatched convenience and utility with these electronic publications that was never available before with old-fashioned hard copies of books and magazines.

Electronic reading is available on a variety of electronic and mobile devices that people use daily. Whether it is a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, there are numerous ways for readers to engage in their favorite publication without ever having to touch a physical copy of the book or magazine. Electronic reading has largely become quick, simple, and convenient, with more technologies being innovated daily.

Companies that are trying to adapt to this new technology may have a hard time finding a great match for their business goals as they figure out how to best present content to their readers and customers without seeming outdated. The 3D PageFlip Professional may just be the saving grace for some online businesses. Companies can publish a magazine for mobile viewing that includes highly advanced features like page turning and 3D video.

With the 3D flipbook software , publishers can use the software to publish an electronic magazine online. Technologically has changed society, so it is high time for businesses to adapt. This kind of flip book PDF tool is currently available for users of Windows 7, Vista, or XP.

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