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New Forex Day Trading Software with 74% Win Ratio Will Be Featured in a New Webinar, Reports


Wells, Somerset -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2014 -- Every so often a new trading product is released that generates a lot of excitement, and right now it is a new product called StrikeTrader that is creating quite a buzz in the forex trading community.

This product, which is essentially an advanced piece of software that helps people generate profits on the shorter time frames when trading forex, was created by Casey Stubbs and his team at Winners Edge Trading, and reportedly cost thousands of dollars to develop.

According to, who have been discussing this new software all week, it has an average success rate of 74%, and to show people just how effective it is, there are some new webinars scheduled this weekend that will demonstrate all the ins and outs of this software, and highlight how it has actually performed just recently in live markets.

Anyone who would like to learn more about this software is free to register for one of these webinars (with no obligation), where they will also have the opportunity to ask any questions, and learn about the special promotional price that is available for all attendees.

They will also learn about the generous performance guarantee that is included with this forex day trading software.

Commenting on this new StrikeTrader software, a spokesman for said:

"I know from all of the emails that I have received this week that a lot of my readers and subscribers are very interested in learning more about this exciting looking product."

"So I would advise anyone who wants to potentially make money from short-term forex trading to register for one of the webinars that Casey Stubbs has scheduled for this weekend because it could potentially be very profitable."

Anyone that would like to find out more about this StrikeTrader software, or would like to register for one of these free webinars, can do so by visiting:

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