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New Form of Security Deposit Refund Help for Renters Now Available from Deposit Beast


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- U.S. based startup DepositBeast.com recently launched a website that assists renters in getting their security deposit back. Deposit Beast offers renters a new and effective self-help demand letter writing service that assists them in creating a demand letter and negotiating with their landlord. Deposit Beast is owned and operated by two former renters who have been through the stress and frustration of being denied their security deposit by unscrupulous landlords.

Every renter has been through this nightmare scenario: they move out, everything seems fine, but then their landlord won’t return their security deposit. Sometimes landlords make excuses like “the security deposit was spent on improvements,” and other times landlords provide no explanation at all. When a landlord refuses to give up a wrongfully withheld security deposit, renters have few options, they can give up (happens way too often), hire a lawyer (too expensive), or negotiate with their landlord (can be hard to get started).

With such few options, Deposit Beast offers a simple, easy, and cost-effective solution to renters by helping them write a self-help security deposit demand letter. Using Deposit Beast’s proprietary software and technology aka the “Beast Engine,” renters easily fill out a simple form that quickly generates a demand letter. With their demand letter in hand, renters can immediately begin negotiating with their landlord. The demand letter will outline a renter’s position and provide a record of negotiations if legal action is ever required. If negotiations seem too difficult, Deposit Beast also partners with non-affiliated legal firms to provide low cost negotiation services for renters.

Deposit Beast’s goal is to assist renters without breaking the bank because, “it always helps to have a Beast on your side.”

About Deposit Beast
DepositBeast.com is a self-help demand letter writing service specifically targeting renters who have landlords that have withheld their security deposits. The site officially launched on May 27, 2013 and was born out of sheer frustration from two college graduates who have had their security deposits constantly withheld by dishonest landlords. For more information, please visit www.depositbeast.com