New Franchising Online Resource Centre Opens in Italy is a new online resource for those interested in information about every aspect of franchising in Italy.


Borovo, Sofia -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2013 -- is a new online resource for those interested in information about every aspect of franchising in Italy. It is also for those who search for information regarding franchising options and conditions can rest assured that they will find their thing - the site contains a great number of highly informative articles that deal with different areas and niches in the market. It is the perfect place for the people who would like to start their own enterprise and try their luck in trade, despite the crisis in Europe and the world.

The first thing a new visitor to the site will spot is the long list with varied information on franchising in different sectors - the range flows from clothes and shoes, to computer games, electronic cigarettes, restaurants management, wellness and health, and of course - probably the most popular niche for Italy: franchising in gold, silver and jewels.

Each section of the web site contains comprehensive and accessible details on the particular area one might be interested in, giving all parameters and relevant requirements and features.

A very good impression is made on the reader with the details given on the legal regulations and conditions for the territory of Italy, as well as - for the freshmen or the laymen - some explanatory work on the basic moments connected with the process of franchising itself, how payment works, and how contracts and agreements are formulated.

Another extremely important feature of this web site is the section with useful advice that all future franchisees might want to look at before setting down their business plan: here is the list of the 7 most important things one should consider before opening a franchise store:

Process the franchising project not in terms of sales but in terms of profitability (or expected profitability); Visit the companies to feel the atmosphere there, to see the people who work there as they are key elements to understanding the project from within; Get to see the franchise contract and make sure to consult an expert in the field (or have it checked by a lawyer to avoid errors or signing unfair terms); Calculate carefully the breakeven point of the whole activity, with a viewpoint of the assessment of all the risk factors; Visit and inspect the shops closely and understand how auspicious the initiative is; Check the complete list of stores to be opened and closed in order to understand the reasons behind that; Finding the right location, in terms of the possible need for changes or renovation work, is crucial.

And finally, on, one tip for all potential franchisees of this franchise network, who, luckily, would understand the risks of the business and bet on the importance of its sustainability:

"Stay away from companies franchised by the easy money and ones that promise miraculous profits – if so, this is only a franchise that can put you in the position to work better than others, but out there, there is also a franchise that will make you rich!”

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