New Free Hypnosis Downloads Website Goes Live Offering a Huge Selection of Mp3 Recordings

New website offering free downloads of hypnotherapy and self-help mp3 recordings by one of the Internets’ most downloaded hypnotherapists Steven Luzern is being launched today.


Andalusia, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2013 -- A new website making the hypnosis recordings of the renowned author and presenter Steven Luzern has gone live today. The site is unusual because all the self-hypnosis mp3 recordings available for downloading are free of charge.

Visitors to the site can download self-help hypnosis recordings ranging from common issues such as smoking cessation and weight loss, through to more spiritually founded subjects such as forgiveness and self-discovery.

While it is difficult to accurately calculate if Steven Luzern is the most downloaded mp3 hypnotherapist on the Internet, doubtless he is high up on any such list. When asked why he’s decided to make his recordings available for free, he replied, “It’s quite simple. I’d rather count ‘thank you’ emails than money. Helping others is a source of great joy for me.”

This new free hypnosis downloads website is easy to use as there are no requirement to sign in or become a member. Visitors just click on the buttons for the hypnosis recordings they want and their download links arrive instantly in an email. Additionally, there are plans to continually increase the range of hypnosis recordings available on the website over the next 2 years.

About Steven Luzern Hypnotherapist
Steven Luzern has been in private practice as an analytical-therapist using hypnosis for over 25 years and hypnotising people for over 40 years. His last hypnotherapy practice was in the United Kingdom’s centre for renowned medical excellence - Harley Street, London. With acclaimed author and close friend, Duncan McColl, he was the founder of The Shrink Tank. These seminars were for therapists who wanted to learn the rapid methods of therapy devised by Steven and Duncan. Their approach soon became known as Precision Therapy.

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