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Long Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- is the latest and greatest Free-To-Play online role playing game featuring several unique twists to the standard Mob/Mafia style game. Players are encouraged to perform a variety of illegal activities within the text-based game including robberies, car thefts, and blackmailing other players to earn rank. They can also play a wide variety of casino-style games including Blackjack, wheel-of-fortune, slots, ticket scratchers, and car racing. After players pass the first few basic levels and gain a little experience, more features open up including the ability to recruit prostitutes, buy property and grow pot to earn money which can then be used to buy better weapons and defense systems. Players can challenge each other to fights, and even murder each other within the game, or they can place their characters inside of “bunkers” in various cities to be temporarily safe from being murdered.

As players continue to advance, they can join or create their own “Family”, then they can start or manage existing businesses, guard their businesses, earn money, buy property and casino games, buy their own banks and eventually take over entire cities within the game. There are also a variety of mini-missions within the game and several group-based Planned Crimes that teams of players can work together to complete. All statistics are extensively tracked and players are ranked according to their experience and achievements.

Right now, all new players who sign up on for a limited time will receive 50 free Game Coins, and all referrals result in 100 Game Coins. is a unique and rapidly growing FREE text-based online browser role playing game.
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