New Funeral Program Software That Creates Real Revenue for Small Businesses


Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/03/2013 -- has released the Funeral Printer Ultimate Edition 2012 is now available for immediate shipping to Funeral Homes, Churches, Florist, Nursing Homes and Print Shops. This software package allows you to create all funeral publications that get distributed at funerals while printing them in-house on your color laser or color copier. This software package is simply remarkable for generating additional revenue for your small businesses.

The new Funeral Printer Ultimate Edition is now more exciting than ever to use in your funeral home or small Memorial Printing business. They have expanded their line of templates that has been so successful since its first release in June of 2003. Some of the new technology within the software is a design element called “Picture Pockets”. This allows you to place pictures and photographs behind our transparent openings which create a more professional looking publication. One of the major inclusions in this update is a funeral program that you can add as many as 20 pictures or photographs. This publication is called the Structured Collage funeral program which has become very popular and one of the most sort after programs in recent months.

Premium Funeral Program Templates

The New Funeral Printer template designs are premium templates which simply mean that the designs are richer, bolder and more user friendly. The Premium Edition collection has been built on a continuing theme of Inspiration which is inspired by words that explain the personality of our dearly departed. There are 24 new funeral programs in the premium edition which include Picture Pockets as one of the main design elements. The same 24 programs can be offered to your clients with what is called a Structured Photo Collage. A Structured Collage is a pre-designed assortment of 20 photo frames arranged on the page as a single design element. It is placed in the funeral program at the center fold page and this publication is a 2 page book-fold funeral program. This takes the guess work or design efforts out of your prep time and allows you to complete a memorial photo collage in minutes.

Tri Fold Memory Collage Funeral Program

This edition also includes 24 Memory Collage - Tri Fold funeral program templates. The tri-fold funeral program or memorial brochure folds in three equal sections and is suited with adequate room to add up to 6 photos using the Picture Pocket technology. Each photo can be tagged with a label of your choosing or write a short write-up about the photograph. Share the memories by adding photographs of the decease during happier times in their life. There are six panels in a tri-fold brochure program which provides ample space for creating a special tribute.

Memorial Funeral Posters – Large Format Printing

Large Format printing has been included in the Funeral Printer Ultimate Edition which creates large format memorial posters. Each memorial poster can be printed from sizes 12X18 to sizes 36X48 by using the scaling software built within the software driver of your large format printer or plotter. Memorial Posters add an elegance to any funeral service as it is a product of distinction. Each memorial poster can be suited with a funeral poem or written tribute. Just scan the original photograph at a resolution of 300 dpi or higher for excellent printing result. There are 24 memorial posters which are coordinated to match all of the existing funeral templates within the Funeral Printer Ultimate Edition.

The Funeral Printer Ultimate Edition is guarded as one of the most popular funeral program software products available. It was designed to make in-house printing of funeral publications extremely easy. Staff can create rich beautiful programs at a professional level and print all publications using color laser printers and copiers. The Ultimate Edition adds remarkable revenue to your bottom line as you can now offer a full suite of printing capabilities to your bereaved families and clients. Each package has matching publications that print:

1. Prayer Cards 8 Up – Laminated
2. Bookmarks 4 Up – Laminated
3. Memorial Folders/Service Folders 2up
4. Funeral Programs (Book Fold aka Half fold, Bi-fold) Sizes: Letter, Legal and Tabloid
5. Funeral Programs (Tri Fold) Brochure – Legal Size 8.5X14
6. Funeral Program (Graduated Fold) Letter Size 8.5X11
7. Funeral Announcements – Funeral Information Sheet
8. Funeral Acknowledgements 2 Up
9. Tri Fold Memory Collages – Legal Size
10. Structured Photo Collages – 2 Page Book Fold 8.5X11
11. Memorial Posters 12X18 inches up to 36X48 inches

The software package has over 500 templates available with the software that are Print Ready and well suited for the funeral industry and all funeral services. For more information about the Funeral Printer Ultimate Edition and purchasing information please Click Here.

Printing In-House Makes Dollars and Sense!

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