New Garage Sale Website Celebrates 'Garage Sale Kick-off Weekend 2013' with Free Book Giveaway


Indian River, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/17/2013 -- Memorial Day Weekend traditionally marks the beginning of the garage sale and yard sale season in the United States. As the school year winds down, thoughts turn to selling extra belongings and making some supplementary cash for family vacations.

Today, the Garage Sale Academy announced that it would be offering its popular book Garage Sale Superstar for free for two days (May 16 and May 17) to celebrate the beginning of the 2013 garage sale season. The book is a compilation of Garage Sale Academy webpages, and features helpful garage sale tips designed to dramatically increase profits at garage sales and yard sales by improving advertisements, signage, organization, planning and used item pricing.

The Garage Sale Academy hosts the Almost Free Money Series of e-books by author Eric Michael. The series, which contains catchy titles such as “Fast Cash” and the aforementioned “Garage Sale Superstar”, is designed to aid garage sale hosts and used item flippers in making money at garage sales.

The website also highlights over 80 webpages devoted to assisting garage sale hosts and used item internet flippers in profiting from garage sales, yard sales, thrift stores, and flea markets. Diverse and unique content on the site’s webpages includes such topics as: Garage Sale Tips, Garage Sale Advertising, Flipping Garage Sale Finds, Selling Scrap Metal, Finding and Selling Collectibles, Flea Markets, Thrift Stores, and Accepting Credit Cards at Garage Sales and Flea Markets.

Among the other amenities of the Garage Sale Academy are the Garage Sale Blog, the Garage Sale Talk forum, and even the ability for visitors to create their own mini-pages for their own content or related business.

Garage Sale Academy also posts regular updates and fresh content via email, their Facebook Fan Page and Twitter page. Visitors may also subscribe to the site’s RSS feed through the Garage Sale Blog.

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The website provides content designed to help garage sale and yard sale hosts increase profits collected from their sales. GSA also offer original advice on flipping used items for profit and how to expand that into a successful home business opportunity. The webmasters are veterans of shopping and hosting over 2,000 garage sales around the U.S, and we have sold over 10,000 used items on eBay and Amazon.

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