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New Generation of CAPTCHAs: Fun, Entertaining and Interactive

CAPTCHAs ("Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart") are all over the internet with the purpose of protecting a site from spammers and bots. Traditionally, CAPTCHAs are in the form of distorted alphanumeric characters which only humans can decipher and a bot or software cannot.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2014 -- Trying to decipher or bypass a CAPTCHA can be frustrating sometimes, especially when the characters are too distorted that even a man may find it difficult or next to impossible to comprehend. These instances will make the searchers or visitors leave the site and navigate to another site.

CAPTCHAs keep the site secure are good for the site owners. But sometimes, this security measure scares people away from the site. Come to think of it, why struggle solving confusing and frustrating challenge tests just to be able to penetrate the site? It’s not like it’s the only site that carries the information that people are looking for, right?

Matt Ford, SwipeAd’s founder and his partner Kevin, gave CAPTCHAs a fun, entertaining and interactive twists.

“We came up with a better solution,” Matt stated, “it’s this little game that you play, instead of filling out twisty letters, there’s no typing, you just turn the image the right way up, or drag the right image to the middle, it just takes a few seconds, you’ve proven you’re a human and you can just keep on moving on.”

This new technology is called “FunCAPTCHA”. “You can see how quick and easy it is – we find that 96% of people that start this thing, they end up finishing it.”, Matt added.

Solve Media, the company that enables simple, branded CAPTCHAs on digital display and video advertising to engage users and validate that ads are seen by humans rather than bots, has updated the mobile version of its ad validation software. Now, users on smart mobile devices like phones and tablets may opt to double tap or swipe on an advertisement for activation rather than encoding the brand message on the CAPTCHA field.

Microsoft/Nokia has been testing the new gestural TYPE-IN ad solutions for touchscreens, and is thrilled to use this innovation in Europe.

“The gestural technology was a great way to show the ‘zoom’ feature in an engaging way, one of the great selling points of the phone. In addition, we were able to achieve an amazing lift in awareness in multiple countries over a short period of time, all while being sure that we paid only for human performance.” Tara Powadiuk, EMEA Media Group Manager for Microsoft told Solve.

The internet is prone to crimes, and needless to say, security really is necessary. But the current and the traditional measure is somewhat not ideal for it sometimes scare people away from the site as they are having a hard time trying to bypass the CAPTCHA - site owner’s loss. This is just a minor issue and there are already solutions available.

Now, websites can still be secured without giving the searchers a headache and advertisers can be rest assured that their advertisements are seen by real people while having that customer engagement. Thanks to these innovations.

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