New German Company Launches Indiegogo to Make Dance Into Music

Make Your Body Move to The Music It Creates


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2014 -- It is said the body has a rhythm all its own. A new German company has invented a way for dancing bodies to take that rhythm one step beyond and actually make music by dancing. Their technology Nagual Dance, using minimal equipment (just a Kinect and a computer) offers users a interactive musical experience nothing short of revolutionary that gives users the freedom to create music in real time using only their body and its movements.

Not everyone is a composer or a producer, but that should not stop anyone from making the music in their soul. Or that's what Mark Moebius, a classical composer, and Artur Reimer, a civil engineer and techno producer, thought back in 2011 when they began three years of research and development that turned into Nagual Dance.

Basically, anyone can, with the help of using a special Kinect camera, use Nagual Dance to capture their bodily movements either singly or in pairs and instantly create music generating from every move. While one dances, they create music that then, in turn, makes the user want to dance, reversing the natural process of dancing.

Even better, the dancers have full control of all musical elements, including that of generating an individual song based solely on their dancing whether style or performance.

About Nagual Dance
Nagual Dance has won five awards which include the prestigious Midemlab 2014, the Design Prize Berlin-Brandenburg, the Rethink Music Award, TechPitch 4.5, and the Society3 GoToStartups.

Getting the technology design into the hands of consumers is quite another pricey story and to that end the company has launched an ambitious Indiegogo campaign to unite gamers, dancers, artists and music enthusiasts in order to build the ultimate dancing experience. Nagual Sounds is seeking funds to improve the music engine, the graphics, the variety of Soundscapes and to start building the soundscape shop.

For more information, visit Nagual - Body Moving Music

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