New Gift Delivery Website Will Be Launched -


Quezon City, NCR -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2014 -- A new website will be launched soon. This website is called RegaloPH which is named after the Filipino’s term for gifts which is ‘regalo’ and the shortcut for the country Philippines which is PH. The website is expected to rock the gift industry as it will be one of the few websites that accept International money in exchange for services.

What is RegaloPH?

Regalo PH is a website that is dedicated to helping overseas Filipino workers or any Filipino who works abroad to send gifts and other items to their loved ones in the Philippines. Due to the nature of its website, it is also able to help most foreigners who have friends and lovers in the Philippines. Their website will house different types of gift items ranging from flowers, stuffed toys, chocolates and food items that would make ideal gifts to people in the Philippines.

How do their Services Work?

The services of RegaloPH are quite simple to understand. Being a website, it is accessible to just about anyone in any part of the world. Because of this, it can accept all sorts of currencies and can process orders from any part of the world. Once a client makes an order, the in-house team of RegaloPH will process the order in preparation for delivery. Preparations may include purchasing, packing and adding a personalized message so that all items are really gift-worthy before it is delivered. From here, their dedicated delivery men will then take over the task of reaching out to the recipients to deliver the orders.

The company operates locally so it is easy for them to reach different parts of the country. It is able to operate because of online payment processing systems that accept payments from major credit cards. They also have other alternative payment systems for those people without credit cards.

The website is expected to launch very soon. Although the date is not yet determined, this is still good news for those people who want to constantly reach out to their loved ones in the Philippines.