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New Global Internet Comedy Show Sensation Made for Just $100


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2012 -- Despite the global economic meltdown new and innovative forms of comedy entertainment still continue to thrive.

DA Sketch Show is a full-length comedy series broadcast on Youtube ( and made up entirely by buying the $5 services of people on

The idea was developed by London based writer and producer Robert Brown, as he explains:

“I found out that you could pay people on the internet $5 to send you videos made according to your instructions, so I decided to spend the lofty sum of $100 and create an entire 24mins worth of entertainment. The result is Da Sketch Show. While it’s pretty much about funny video clips, it’s also a kind of an ironic satire of the way mainstream TV makes shows obviously aimed at young people.”

The show has proved a huge success amassing tens of thousands of views in just one month, all got entirely by word of mouth.

“We did absolutely no promotion, I just put the videos on Youtube and allowed people to find them naturally, the response has been pretty surreal. It’s literally a global phenomenon, made and watched by people all around the world, the fact the internet allows you to do all this for pretty much zero cost is really amazing. The plan now is to make more videos; maybe look at a creating a Kickstarter campaign to fund more ambitious episodes”.


Robert Brown