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New Go-To Resource Site for Men's Health Announces Launching


Lviv, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2014 -- New website dedicated to providing latest topics and industry related news or tips with concentration on men's health successfully launches. It covers a wide array of topics from exercise to dating, sports, and mental health. It targets all age groups with a taste for authoritative and comprehensive knowledge to help men thrive a healthy lifestyle, wherever they maybe across the world.

Diverse Topic Segregation and Combination

From dating to health tips, AboutMain remains to publish only useful free articles at any man's disposal.

The site has three classification from the banner homepage containing articles on healthy living to Health-related topics as second category and a blog discussing anything under the sun as long as it related to men's health is the third installment.

The first section contains various tips on common problems faced by many men all over the world from getting rid of belly fat in the safest way possible to looking good with mustache and beard. It aims to be the ultimate man-guide for anything related to their looks, health, and overall living condition. Topics usually concentrate on fitness and hygiene.

Topics under the health portion are more diverse with the likes of Trigeminal Neuralgia, Mesothelioma, Achilles Tendonitis, and endocrine disorders among topics on the list, some with greater emphasis on conditions that most men will undergo at certain points in their lifetime.

The blog offers actionable tips on dating, office etiquette and dealing with interpersonal relationships with colleagues and friends.

“Our site's aim is to create a go-to resource for every man to be guided in their day to day living. The information we provide aren't readily available elsewhere and we provide them here to you for free. We want to make the all-in-one man, healthy in both body and mind,” says Igor Fito, the brains behind this new project.

To share one of their solid advices, here's an excerpt from one of their articles entitled “Taking Care of your Eyes” on the database:

“Overall, there's a two-step defense regarding eye care for men from within and without. Making sure the body has what it needs for optimum sight performance and maintenance and protecting and preventing things from the outside world from causing injury to the eyes. Basically on the outside don't forget light. Yes, sunlight can do damage too. Wear sunglasses, not some cheap pair but get a pair that is recommended by physicians.”

Another article entitled “Office conduct” shares:

“Men will still be men no matter where they go. First of all, don't treat the office as your playground. If you're not the boss or owner you have no territory to claim except your own office or work station. You don't go around prancing and showing off or boasting, you do your job as part of a team. Plain and simple.”

The site aims to become the go-to resource for the thinking man by providing high quality, easy to follow short but comprehensive articles on topics that matter to men. From exercise, to dating, making right choices, behavioral, and even staying sharp-looking, the website is set to conquer the world. The team behind is looking forward to adding more helpful articles to their Knowledge center as the day goes by.

Igor Fito
Ukraine, Lviv