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New Goldline Review Exposes Truth About Gold IRA Company

Gold IRA Investing Options have analyzed and evaluated the Goldline IRA investment firm and exposed a troubled landscape beneath the glossy marketing strategy.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2014 -- Gold IRA Investing Options has published a new Goldline review to shed light on the controversy that has dogged the company’s meteoric rise to prominence over the last three years. Gold and precious metal IRA’s present an amazing opportunity for investors as precious metals appreciate in value ahead of the even the most favorable interest rates for paper currency, while paper currency becomes less valuable over time due to inflation. The review explains however that those who rush into their selection of a gold IRA provider may be taken advantage of.

The Goldline review gives a broad overview of the company including key information on its location, products and services. The review also explains the shipping times for products and the details of their customer service and support infrastructure. The review becomes an exposé however when it reaches the customer feedback, complaints and testimonials section.

The review is careful to give a balanced view of the facts, with satisfied testimonials from existing customers top-lining a more controversial underbelly, with a 2 star rating on Trust Link and genuine legal action being taken against the company. The review concludes by advising caution when selecting a precious metal IRA provider.

A spokesperson for explained, “It is simply impossible to ignore the number and scale of complaints made against Goldline in the past three years, including legal action by a Santa Monica City Attorney who alleged the company had conspired to obtain money under false pretences by misleading clients. These are hard things to recover from in an industry where reputation is all, but they are nevertheless the 6th fastest growing investment company in America, so the scale of complaints may in part be due to the speed of their rise, which may explain a lack of attention to detail in customer service. Nevertheless, there is cause for concern for customers and our site gives details of other gold IRA companies who are not dogged by controversy.”

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