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New Google Key Word Tool Supercharges Website Success on the Net


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2012 -- It happens hundreds of times a day, every day. Someone with a great idea or an innovative business makes the jump to trading online. They hire an expensive designer, trying their best to showcase their fantastic product or service in the most professional light. The end result? A stunning website, absolutely perfect in every way, and a significant bill from the designer to go with it. Now, they sit back and wait for the world to find them. But it doesn’t happen. What’s going on?

But creating a great website is just one step. If it’s the only step businesses take then it’s almost like investing in a brand new, expensive shopfront in the middle of nowhere – while it’s completely fit for purpose, no one will actually be able to find it. As the majority of businesses found online are now done so through the filter of search engines, making sure a business is targeting the best possible keywords – the terms and phrases consumers use to search Google, for example – is perhaps the single most important factor in achieving online success. As businesses struggle with the concept of researching the best keywords to target, a brand new Google key word tool has been launched, taking all the hard work out growing new business online.

Poor keyword choice can now be a thing of the past as businesses everywhere gain access to perhaps the most exciting external keyword tool on the net. Long gone are the days in which search engine optimisation is either placed firmly in the too hard basket by business owners or farmed out to expensive third-party agencies. By simply investing a small amount of time in this new, free keyword tool, businesses everywhere are seeing sales soar as they take back control of their enterprise from the mercy of uninformed keyword choices.

While programs such as this Google keyword research tool can often be complex and aimed firmly at the digital marketing sector, this one is different; created to be simple to use, it also comes with a definitive video resource aimed at letting businesses owners everywhere make the most from this powerful piece of software. “With 28 videos, you'll receive step-by-step training on turning your Real Time Traffic into profitable results,” the website confirms.

Real time traffic? It’s true; the software achieves what other keyword tools cannot, a complete analysis of real time traffic on leading search engines, a true first. “Ordinary google keyword tools analyze only 12% of the Internet,” the website reveals. It’s no wonder then that with a full 100% of Google traffic data available to them, businesses everywhere are now on the fast track to top search engine rankings.

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