New Groundbreaking Technology Ecoh Seeks to Decrease Bicycling Deaths in Young Children


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2014 -- Each year parents spend millions of dollars to ensure that their child is safe riding their bike. Per the Centre for Accident Research & Road Safety, bicycle injury was the 4th leading cause of death for the 10-14 year age group between the years 1998 to mid-2004 in Australia. Ecoh is hoping to help save those children's lives. The Ecoh is a new device worn by the child and can sense when an impact has occurred. The Ecoh will then notify the parent via the Ecoh mobile app. The child can also use the Ecoh to call 911 or a designated number if help is needed. A parent can call into the Ecoh to check on the child at anytime. The device is waterproof; dustproof, and child proof, so a parent can rest assure that it will withstand the toughest of beatings. However, this is just a few of the many benefits of the Ecoh.

This ground-breaking technology features a forward facing camera that is capable of streaming live HD video to the Ecoh mobile app. The parent will be able to see and hear everything the child is seeing and hearing. This is perfect if the child is lost and the parent needs to help guide the child home or if the parent simply wants to make sure they are playing safely. With designated safe zones, a parent can set parameters that the child cannot wander outside of without being alerted. This lets the parent go about their day and still allows the child to play. No more forcing the child to stay indoors because they are afraid they may wander too far away.

This device is not just for children. Falls in the home are the leading cause of death due to injury among the elderly and 87% of all fractures in the elderly are due to falls. For the elderly who fall and are unable to get up on their own, the period of time spent immobile affects their overall health outcome. Muscle cell breakdown will start to occur within 30-60 minutes of compression due to the fall. They often suffer dehydration, hypothermia, pressure sores and pneumonia as well as other complications. It is in these times that the Ecoh can save the life of a loved one.

Development of Ecoh began two years ago, and the company is now ready to start production. A rare opportunity has been given to a select group of people to be the first to buy this ground-breaking technology only available via an Indiegogo campaign. Donations start as low as $2.

About Ecoh
Every Ecoh device is received complete with 1 USB charger, 1 Proximity Sensor Bracelet, 1 Proximity Sensor Shoe Tag, and the Ecoh Smartphone App (iOS, Android, and Window) for only $189 with free shipping worldwide. There are only 100 of these available. The donation packages go up as far as $3,280 for 20 Ecoh device packages. For $189, a person not only receives peace of mind that their family member is safe but they receive a piece of technology that can save the life of a loved one.

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