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New Guangyuan Limited to Offer Quality and Affordable LED Lights


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/31/2013 --, a newly established website that aims to offer and to provide products especially quality and affordable LED lights. New Guangyuan Limited is committed in manufacturing and providing products that would benefit its clients and users. The aim of the company is to provide LED light products that are guaranteed to be made of high quality materials and would make every cent spent by the clients as worth it.

Proper lighting is always a necessity on commercial buildings, offices and industrial buildings. This is due to the fact that the lighting used in the building has a huge effect on the productivity of the occupants of a particular building. To secure the productivity of a company and its growth, the owner must secure that the lighting to be installed on the building is bright enough for employees to work on their duties comfortably. Lighting is also important since it is only the one can produce an ambience that would make the buildings occupants comfortable and will help them gain more clients. That is the main reason why New Guangyuan Limited was established and started offering LED light products like LED spotlight. To assure that all those aspects mentioned above will be resolved and secure.

New Guangyuan Limited is manufacturing and offering different LED light products such as LED spotlight, LED strip, and LED outdoor light. It is also offering LED indoor light like LED tube light, LED Bulb Light; and LED flood light, and LED wall washer light. The products offered by the company can either be used as a decoration or for its main purpose, which is for illumination. New Guangyuan Limited is not only offering products that are made of high quality materials but also LED lights that have passed the highest standard of LED lights manufacturing.

New Guangyuan Limited understands that for any company to achieve growth and development, its buildings must be provided and installed with the proper lighting so the occupants will also  be able to boost their productivity. To help with this aspect, New Guangyuan Limited guaranteed that the LED light product it is manufacturing, like LED outdoor light, has been produced using high quality materials to secure its longevity. The company also offers these products at an affordable price as a means to help clients save and get have their money’s worth.

About New Guangyuan Limited
New Guangyuan Limited is based in Shenzhen, China and was established in the year 2007 with the sole purpose of offering high quality LED lights. At present, the company is exporting about 90% of products in countries like North America and Europe.

For more information about New Guangyuan Limited and the LED lights it is manufacturing and supplying, please feel free to visit its website at . For further inquiry about the products offered by the company, please call 86-755-29674931, or send an email at,, or

Company: NGY (New Guangyuan Limited)
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Tel. Number: 86-755-29674931
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