New "Happy@Work" Seminar Helps Employees Reduce Overwhelm and Increase Productivity


Allentown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2013 -- Internationally renowned personal development author and peak performance speaker, Jim Donovan, announced his new employee development seminar, “Happy@Work™,” created to help people learn how to cope with stress & overwhelm and be more engaged, fulfilled, and productive at work and in their personal life.

Donovan said, “It’s a known fact that happy people make better employees, are more engaged at work, require less sick time and are more likely to remain with their present company longer. But they need to know how to be more productive too.”

Donovan will, in the course of delivering his seminar, provide audiences with the tools and strategies necessary to manage their own mental states and emotions; while at the same time help them be goal and outcome oriented, take personal responsibility, be self motivated, and know how to do what it takes to succeed.

Donovan’s programs provide a new framework and platform that will increase organizational performance and productivity by reducing stress, absenteeism, and turnover. Donovan says, “passionate, self-directed employees are happier, more engaged in their work, and less likely to leave. By following the simple lifestyle changes in this program, people will be healthier and more physically fit, thereby less likely to become ill.”

Jim’s practical techniques and powerful stories have made him a sought after speaker for businesses, trade groups and associations for two decades. His seminars have benefited audiences nationwide, including small business groups, chambers of commerce, women-owned businesses, associations, school faculty, and students.

Here is what recent seminar attendees are saying about Donovan’s latest seminar on how to be happy at work:

“Since we participated in Mr. Donovan’s seminar, the energy level in our office has seemed to increase, and the atmosphere has lightened up quite a bit. We’re more motivated than ever, working harder than ever and business is booming!” - Chuck Wasoski, VP Collector Vehicle Insurance, Grundy Worldwide

“I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful presentation today. Many in attendance commented on what a wonderful and enlightening speaker you are. Sometimes in Health Care we just need that little “uumph” to get us through our day and you provided that.” - Rosalind K. Haglund, Executive Director, Traditions of Hanover

To learn more about how to be happier at work, please call Jim Donovan here (215) 794-3826 or click on his web link:

Jim Donovan is a powerful thought leader who’s books and teachings have positively impacted the lives of more than a million people worldwide.

His willingness to speak openly about, what he calls his, “decade of destruction,” and share the ideas and techniques that enabled him to radically change his life, have made him a sought after speaker and trainer for business events and meetings.

Jim’s sense of humor, coupled with his unique life experiences allow him to connect with diverse groups.

With more than half a million books in print and sixteen years as a speaker and coach, Jim Donovan is a recognized authority in the personal development field.

Beyond simple inspiration and motivation, Jim provides people with workable strategies that enable them to take charge of their own destiny and reach their full potential.

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