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New Health Benefits Discovered with the Free 15 Minute Chakra Energy Healing Scan

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Conyers, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2013 -- The Chakra energy healing scan, introduced by Mission Engage Your Life, is truly an innovative way to achieve holistic energy healing and health. Many years of research has helped health experts and patients understand that the human body has important stations known as Chakras that help dissipate energy in the body and also have significant effect on the functioning of the mind. These Chakras store information that is important for decisions in which one chooses to create his or her own life.

In some cases, blockage of the Chakra energies can result in mental as well as physical strain. Blockages also prevent individuals from manifesting miracles and creating the life they desire. This is the reason why getting a Chakra energy healing scan done is important. The scan, which is a specialty at Mission Engage Your Life, an online source for premier spiritual, life, online marketing coaching, and healing is extensive as it identifies all the major Chakra blocks in the body. The report from the scan throws light on 7 of these major Chakras that involve the Crown, 3rd Eye, Throat, Heart, Power Center, Sacral, and the Root.

The Chakra energy healing scan can uncover Spirit’s messages for you to assist your choices in business, career, love and relationships, and overall alignment in health, mind, body, and spirit.

Not only is the scan a good way to pin point the blocks, but also helpful as the report has advice on what to do to get rid of these blocks. It also talks about how to align the Chakras and attain peace and flow in life.

Those who haven’t tried the Chakra energy healing scan before can sign up now and receive a free 15 minute scan. This is a great way to find out about the benefits of a Chakra scan and how it can help bring meaning to life. To sign up, log onto http://missionengage.com/free-15-minute-chakra-energy-healing-scan-find-energy-blocks/

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