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New Health Website Reveals Healthy Foods, Their Benefits & Side Effects


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2013 -- The actual start of this website is held on April 4th, this year. This newly launched resource is also offering valuable information about natural remedies and healthy recipes for every day. Particular emphasis is placed on maintaining good health by means of healthy foods , without medication.

“Since ancient times every nation has its own popular health recipes, the Russian oatmeal recipe is one of the healthiest natural healing remedies. The drink has a lot of health benefits like strengthening the immune system, normalizing fat metabolism,  decreasing cholesterol and anti-sclerotic effect, just to name a few”, said the  Website spokesperson. The website also notices, that oatmeal recipes are specially good for people who are sitting on an oatmeal diet.

As said above special emphasis is put on the study of different meals in terms of their health benefits and hazards. “We know that every year millions of people suffer from acute respiratory viral infections and seasonal viruses. The reason for this is the weak immune system in most of the population. For the immune system to work like clockwork it is necessary to support it on a daily basis, but not just during flu epidemics. One of the key aspects of healthy lifestyle is proper nutrition”, said the  Website spokesperson.

“Each of us needs vitamin D, which is found in salmon, eggs and milk. Studies have shown that many people do not get enough vitamin C”, - said Elizabeth Politi, director of nutrition at Duke Diet & Fitness Center. Citrus fruits are an excellent source of vitamin C. "The fact that vitamin C prevents colds is a myth. But getting the required amount of vitamin C from fruits and vegetables charges the immune system",  she said.

According to a number of studies physical activity improves overall health and functioning of the lymphatic system, which removes toxins from the body. People involved in sports regularly are by 25% less likely to catch colds  than those who do not maintain a healthy lifestyle. “Only 30-60 minutes of daily workouts will allow you to be healthier, while more serious load will make you weaker. Be sure to include push-ups to your workout plan as they contribute to better performance of the lungs and heart. It's also strongly advised to do abdominal exercises, as they will improve functioning of the gastrointestinal and urinary tract. And the online magazine can be your assistant in leading healthy lifestyles”, said the  Website spokesperson.

The online magazine reported that its main goal is to help people who have problems with their health or just want to maintain their body in good shape.

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