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New Healthy Meals of the Week Help Readers Fix Their Nutritional Woes


Montebello, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/18/2015 -- In an effort to combat the rising obesity epidemic currently affecting more than 35% of American adults according to the CDC, has created a Healthy Meals of the Week section on their website.

One of the biggest hurdles people face when trying to lose weight is taking control of their nutrition. With scores of fast food spots, the convenience of pizza delivery, and the portion sizes dished out at restaurants, successfully changing daily eating habits is what causes the majority of issues when attempting to lose weight.

Imagine how difficult it is for a person who's had minimal nutritional restraint over the past decade, is now attempting to eat only healthy meals and snacks. This individual is faced with an immense challenge of changing their nutrition and will often get stuck right at the start. What to cook and prepare? How to determine an appropriate portion size? What types of beverages and snacks are conducive to healthy living?

These issues can make a person feel overwhelmed and cause them to give up on their weight loss dream and just stick with that they're already comfortable with.

To help make this transition to healthy nutrition more stress-free, has created a special section on their website devoted entirely to healthy eating. Every week a new healthy meal is posted complete with an ingredient list, step-by-step directions, along with close-up photographs showing the process from start to finish. Best yet, each meal also has a healthy leftover idea that can be used as a travel lunch or dinner for the following day.

For anyone with an interest in losing weight and improving their nutrition, the Healthy Meals of the Week section at is a must access resource. Please visit today and find out what's right at your digital fingertips.

About is an online health and fitness resource created by a Los Angeles Unified School District teacher who had his own issues with obesity. By focusing on healthy nutrition and maintaining a consistent exercise routine, Gregory L. Gomez has lost more than 12% in body fat and over 52 pounds of fat. He continually posts motivational weight loss articles along with healthy meals in hopes that readers follow suit if they want to lose weight and get fit.


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