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New Heart-Shaped Ice Cube Tray Mold from Ice Cube Tray Molds Receives Positive Reviews from Customers


Armagh, Northern Ireland -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2017 -- International ice cube tray manufacturer and retailer based in Ireland, Europe, Ice Cube Tray Molds has introduced their latest product to the market. This latest product is their heart-shaped cubed ice cube tray mold. It is an addition to their existing collection of unique silicone ice cube molds. It was launched just in time for the fast-approaching summer season in Europe wherein people like to drink ice-cold beverages to beat the summer heat. The product is exclusively retailed by Amazon.

The use of the silicon heart-shaped mold is not only limited to freezing water to make ice cubes. The product may be used in various ways. One unique way to use it is to create coffee cubes. To this, one must pick a strong-brewed coffee to room temperature then add on some flavors and sweeteners to it. The last step is to pour this liquid into an ice cube tray. Once they're frozen, one can already add them to milk and drink. Another unique way to use it is to freeze herbs. One experiences at one point in time, having bought too many herbs from the supermarket and not knowing what to do with them. This is not a problem at all. One can just chop them up, mix a bit of water, pour them in an ice cube tray and freeze it overnight. This will not only preserve the herbs but it will make them come in handy. Once one is ready to cook, he/she may just pop out a cube and toss it over to the frying pan for some extra flavors.

The product has been receiving hundreds of positive reviews from Amazon. Among which is a review from a customer from Europe named, Jennifer. She said that, "I really like the idea of the mini trays. Shoving ice down a small neck water bottle is frustrating and these do the trick. The ice trays are easy to fill, and are extremely shallow so you can easily fit them in a small freezer on top of your regular ice trays just fine. The only thing about these is the ice is difficult to remove from the trays. You literally have to force each one out one by one, whereas a typical ice tray if you bend it back and fourth a couple of ties they fall right out. I think this is due to the silicone and the ice somewhat sticks to it. I do not think I will be using this anymore for ice because of this unfortunately, but an wanting to try and make candies during the holidays with it, which I believe it will work much better for. And if that doesn't work, I will give it another shot by making homemade mini dog treats!"

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