Daniel Winters

New Hemorrhoids Video Reveals Shocking Facts About Traditional Hemorrhoid Treatments

A recently published video entitled “How To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids” has made some bold statements about the effectiveness of many traditional medicines, especially for the treatment of hemorrhoids, suggesting that the pharmaceutical industry along with many GP’s are simply in the business of easing symptoms rather than offering a long-term cure. The video goes on to suggest that the motivation behind this is purely one of financial gain.


Orpington, Kent -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2011 -- Although many of us place implicit trust in the medical profession and the advice of our local GP, there are some that would argue that such a trust is not only naïve but even unfounded. Owner and content writer for the website www.mynaturalhemorrhoidtreatment.com, Mary Blythe, claims that many of the traditional pharmaceutical products that we are so often prescribed by our GP, not only do very little to treat the source of the problem but that these medicines were actually designed this way. The latest video (which can also be viewed on You Tube) makes no bones about these claims and what is more, goes on to suggest that this is a deliberate play by the large Pharmaceutical Conglomerates to keep the general public ignorant of the facts.

“Although, many people don’t want to admit it,” she said “the pharmaceutical industry is a business whose primary aim is not to help those who are sick but to turn over a profit!” Furthermore, “there’s more money in making creams and pills that ease your symptoms than something that will cure you and …here’s the kicker… there’s no money in promoting a healthy lifestyle!”

In a further interview Ms. Blythe was asked about these wild claims and whether she could present any evidence to substantiate these extravagant statements or were they simply idle words without any basis of fact.

“Many hemorrhoid sufferers have noticed a positive change to their condition simply by making significant changes to their diet and lifestyle and 75% of illness today is attributable to stress in our lives.” She went on to say that, “it is not uncommon to find that a food additive, once thought to be harmless, was in fact toxic and that we consume many herbicides and pesticides on our food that are also adding to this toxicity.” With regard to the question whether someone who is suffering from hemorrhoids can naturally heal themselves without the need for any of these pharmaceutical drugs, she responded. “Yes, with the right natural treatment, I believe they can.”

www.mynaturalhemorrhoidtreatment.com was started by Mary Blythe earlier this year in an endeavour to promote several of the natural hemorrhoid treatments on the market; particularly HMiracle by Holly Haden, whose natural healing philosophy has apparently helped many hemorrhoid sufferers, but for now, once small voice is having little impact on the Global Pharmaceutical Industry.