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New Hero Glass Replacement Windows Available from Energywise in Austin

Hero Glass Windows Offer Noise Reduction and Safety In Addition to Energy Efficiency


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2012 -- A new class of replacement windows from American manufacturer Vista, known as Hero Glass, offers consumers an array of fantastic benefits, including noise reduction, and increased safety and strength, all with great energy efficiency in one affordable package.

Energywise has always been known for taking every step to maximize a home's energy efficiency. That's why the Austin, Texas based company is getting the word out about Hero Glass to all of their new clients and customers, as it offers something for everyone.

Hero Glass offers superior sound blocking through a high STC, or Sound Transmission Class. The laminated glass pane increases the window's STC, providing a barrier to block sound, helping to make any home the private enclave it was always meant to be.

In addition, Hero Glass also offers a stronger safeguard against damage from weather, and even home intruders. Hero Glass contains a clear, inner layer of PVB laminate, and is specially heated to stiffen the entire window pane against shattering, much the same as the glass on your automobile.

Hero Glass does more than provide noise reduction and increased window strength, it actually also increases insulation, and therefore energy efficiency. The thicker glass which is used provides an overall better thermal rating, making it more difficult for heat and cold to pass through the IGU, Insulated Glass Unit.

All of this works together to make these Vista replacement windows a fantastic choice for customers in the region, dealing not only with the intense summer sun and heat of Austin, but also the sometimes unpredictable and severe storms which the region receives.

With the goal to "keep Texas green", Energywise has always been dedicated to providing the highest quality of replacement windows, maximizing a home's energy efficiency, and minimizing environmental impact and waste.

Voted as the Best of Home Improvement by City Search, there's no better company in the region than Energywise when it comes to replacement window installation with great customer service, pricing and product quality.

To learn more about Hero Glass windows, and to receive great savings on all new energy efficient windows and doors in Austin, Texas, call the Energywise team at 512.775.2342 today.

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