New High Risk Processing Solutions Now Available at MIDsource


Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2013 -- Greg Augustine, the President and CEO of MIDsource ( announces additional capacity for the following business classes:

- Dating Services
- Diet Programs
- Discount Buying Clubs/Home Shopping Clubs
- Financial Aid/Counseling for Schools/Student Loans/Scholarship Search Services
- Financial Consultants
- Gambling Advice/Sports Forecasting or Odds Making (audio or video text require Visa registration)**
- General Agents/Brokers
- How To Books, Newsletters, Subscriptions, On-line, etc.
- Investment Programs/ Business Opportunities/Seminars
- Magazine, Newspaper, Newsletter Subscription Services
- Negative renewal option following a free or low cost purchase (including but not limited to payment for shipping only model, free or discounted trial periods, etc.)
- Payment Facilitators/Internet Payment Service Providers (additional restrictions apply – see Credit Policy Matrix)
- Pseudo-Pharmaceuticals/Nutraceuticals/Herbal Remedies (No Negative Renewal Options which are unqualified)
- Real Estate Agents/Brokers Engaged in Vacation, Beach or Ski Home Rentals.
- Telephone Prepaid Cards
- Timeshare
- Timeshare Advertising Services
- Travel Agents/Tour Operators
- Travel Clubs
- Vitamins/Herbal Remedies (Via Internet, MOTO)

Augustine commented, “Plenty of businesses out there are struggling right now to keep their merchant accounts live. We are pleased to announce that we will have additional capacity for these high risk merchant classes.”

About MIDsource
MIDsource has dozens of banking relationships worldwide that offer streamlined multi-currency solutions for international e-commerce merchants. MIDsource can provide international high risk processing accounts, domestic high risk processing accounts, multiple gateway options, and charge-back mitigation programs. The dedicated professionals at MIDsource have leveraged deep relationships and industry knowledge to keep our clients in business and processing.

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