New HomeWare Reviews Examines the New Nostalgia Kegerator and Kegerator Edgestar provides consumers with new information concerning these devices, allowing each to find the perfect kegerator for their needs


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2014 -- Americans consume 67 billion cans of beer every year, according to Statistics Brain, and thanks to a creative inventor, consumers now find they have a new way to store their refreshments. The kegerator functions as a residential draft beer dispenser, by allowing the person to store his or her keg in a refrigerated container to keep it chilled and fresh for a few months with ease. Consumers love that they now have a way to store beer without taking up room in their refrigerator while keeping it at the perfect temperature.

"New HomeWare Reviews researches various kegerators to find the advantages and disadvantages of each so consumers don't have to waste their hard earned money on a device they don't love. Spend some time on the site reading the reviews as each consumer is sure to find the kegerator which is right for their unique needs," Clarissa White of New HomeWare Reviews exclaims.

The Nostalgia Kegerator remains the top choice of many as it allows for the use of both full and pony sized kegs, or consumers can stow and make use of two five-gallon kegs. The kegerator features a full sized beer tap and fully adjustable thermostat, and it comes with a 90 day limited warranty, although an extended warranty is offered. The main drawback lies in the fact that this model is only available in black.

White recommends consumers look into the extended warranty for this product as it is reasonably priced, yet offers a great deal. Not only does the extended warranty give the owner a full three-year parts and labour guarantee against hardware failures, if the unit can't be repaired within a five day period, a replacement will be sent out. Furthermore, two way shipping is included in the cost. Visit New HomeWare Reviews to learn more about the pros and cons of this particular device.

Others opt to purchase the kegerator edgestar as it offers beer in a manner that is similar to wine in a box, and the purchase of a kegerator saves the consumer money. What makes this device stand out from most others of its type lies in the dual tap system, perfect for those times when more than one person wants a glass of beer. Everyone finds a party more enjoyable when they don't have to wait their turn for the tap.

"As New HomeWare Reviews found while examining this model, this kegerator fits full sized and half shell Sankey kegs or two sixth kegs and the coupler system fits standard kegs, except for those seen with Miller, Coors, or rubberised kegs. It also features a thermostat and comes in a stainless steel finish. Visit New HomeWare Reviews to learn more about these and other kegerator models as well as other household devices designed to make home life easier. Never go shopping for anything for the home without visiting this site as doing so could lead to one making a disastrous purchase, one they come to regret," White declares.

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