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New Hope Enterprises Launches One Stop Gaming Shop at Gamers Emporium

Gamers Now Have One Destination for All of Their Gaming Needs


Derby, KS -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 -- Video games continue to increase in popularity and many game titles being released in 2013 are expected to be huge hits. Tomb Raider is one such game with Bioshock: Infinite being another. Due to the popularity of many of these games, determining where to purchase them becomes of great importance. Gamers-Emporium offers the games users are most looking for along with industry news and features, Ron Frayer, media contact for New Hope Enterprises, explains.

The Cyrsis series continues to be a huge hit with gamers on various platforms and the newest version was recently released on February 18, 2013. Gamers unable to find this game in their local store now have another option in the form of Gamers-Emporium. A PC Gamer has early access to this game as this version was released on December 5, 2012 with other platforms now available. Other games available for PC gamers at the site include the Call of Duty series and the Final Fantasy series, both huge hits with players the world over.

Now that the Daytona 500 is over for the year, those who love Racing games will have plenty to select from. From PSP F1 06 to Need for Speed, gamers will find a wide variety of choices available. Racing games aren't limited to cars either. MX vs ATV Reflex, MotorStore: Arctic Edge and Superbike World Championship are three others gamers should try as hours of enjoyment are theirs for the taking when they do so.

Some gamers enjoy classic games from the past and the Retro gamer is sure to find a wide range of choices at the site. "No matter which type of game is preferred, from arcade and role-playing to simulation and strategy, Gamers- Emporium has it covered. Top names, including Disney, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft, are all represented in the game selection. The goal of the site is to ensure gamers only need to go to one site to find everything they want for their gaming experience. For those who aren't sure of what to buy, the staff even offers their own picks to make choosing easier," Mr. Frayer explains. "Why waste time searching the Internet when Gamers-Emporium has it all?"

About New Hope Enterprises
New Hope Enterprises, through their Gamers- Emporium website, offers the best selling video games and much more. The site offers gift ideas along with the most wished for games for a wide range of platforms. Platforms offered include Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, XBox 360, PC and Mac. Never again will a gamer have to do without for lack of being able to find a game. In addition, the site keeps visitors aware of industry news and features. Gamers never have to wonder about what is next in this world as they have the information right at their fingertips.