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New Illogical Games Seeks Looking for Fund to Finish Project


Cheras, Kuala Lumpur -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/25/2013 -- A new indiegogo crowdfunding project for a zombie apocalypse first person shooter game, considered the biggest project that Illogical Games ever manage, is currently under development and seeks new funding to help it meet its December 2013 competition deadline.

“From the demo gameplay video, it’s looking very good. It’s really brave attempt by Illogical Games,” says Amarul Natenan, owner of illogical Games, an indie game development company that focuses on mobile games development for the consumer of IOS and Android devices.

The funding duration will last on indiegogo from October 19 2013 until December 18, 2013.

Considers a huge leap for an indie game developer to try to compete with other successful FPS games, the zombie apocalypse first-person shooter game project is a horror FPS game. Set in post-apocalypse Zombie Town, the player is required to reach a designated evacuation zone before sunrise to leave the infested town.

Targeting an inspiring indie developers, gamers, concerned citizen, successful business owners, or anyone who are willing to fund the project, owner Amarul Natenan says the funding exercise is geared towards helping another inspiring new indie developer.

“Sponsors of this zombie apocalypse first person shooter game,” notes Amarul, “will benefitted from a variety of perks listed on the indiegogo website.”

“One such benefits is that contributors are eligible to have their faces set as the zombie in the Survivor Z game,” adds Natenan, who points to other perks, as well such as, in-game advertising, t-shirts, notepads, and all other goodies reserved for the contributors.

Previous illogical games titles in the app store include Thunder Horizon, Alien Invader, Block Invader, and Swipe Hero.

The storyline reveals Amarul is that Survivor Z takes place in year 2015, after the US army deployed a biochemical weapon to stop the third world war, which is also ends the modern civilization. Abandoned in a ghost town with no other survivor, the player must reach the evacuation zone before sunrise to get to a safe zone.

“Your ammo supply will be limited. In order to reach the evacuation zone, you must avoid killing zombies and save your ammo. In addition, just use it only if it’s necessary. In the journey to the evacuation zone, you will scavenge for ammo supplies and health kit in the zombie town,” says Natenan.

“If the funding reaches the “procedural world stretch” goal, the town will be randomized each time the player play the game, offering infinite re-playability and increased surprise factor. And the route to the evacuation zone will be open-ended so that the player must choose to avoid areas which have huge zombie swarms and save ammo,” adds Amarul.

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