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New InBody Machines Coming Soon to Kennedy Fitness & Wellness


Cherry Hill, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2017 -- People interested in taking a different approach to their weight-loss goals are encouraged to contact Kennedy Fitness & Wellness to inquire about the new InBody machines that will soon be making their way into their gyms.

InBody evaluation can help exercisers better take control of their health by performing a non-invasive body composition analysis to help local fitness enthusiasts learn more about their health right inside their own familiar Kennedy Fitness & Wellness gym in Burlington County.

InBody evaluations can provide a more accurate picture of health because they take into account more than just the weight of the patient. For a long time, the standard measure of body health was the Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI calculations are relatively simple, and only use a formula comparing the person's height and weight to determine their health.

Unfortunately, a BMI does not give a completely accurate description of body composition. Since fat weighs less than muscle, the BMI commonly overestimates obesity in very muscular patients and underestimates it in those who do not have a large amount of muscle tissue.

Today, healthcare professionals know that height and weight are only two small puzzle pieces in the overall picture of health. Other factors like fat, muscle and water levels are equally as important.

A quick and accurate InBody evaluation, coming soon to Kennedy Fitness & Wellness, can give residents a better look at their health. For example, if too much fat is present, cardio workouts like swim lessons in Cherry Hill can be organized, while low muscle presence can be corrected through weight training.

Anyone who would like to schedule their free monthly nurse evaluation or who would like to learn more about Kennedy Fitness & Wellness' Cherry Hill gym class schedule are encouraged to contact the front desk by phone by calling 800-875-2720 today.

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