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New Indiegogo Project 'Fight Sallie' Wants to Forgive Your Student Loans

The Fight Sallie Mae Project aims to provide college graduates with the tools, resources & bailout program they need to “Knock Student Loan Debt Out”.


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2014 -- Recent college graduate Montez Smith is introducing “Fight Sallie” on Indiegogo in an attempt to address the national student loan debt crisis. The campaign showcases a new website designed to help students to eliminate their student loan debt by providing them with student loan advice, videos, and programs. But the most unique thing about this project is Fight Sallie’s student loan bailout fund, titled Fight Back.

The Fight Back fund takes revenue from video ads shown on and uses it to purchase student loan debt from banks & debt collectors. Then once Fight Sallie owns the debt, they forgive it. “There are far too many people who have student loan debt and feel completely helpless. So we wanted to create a multi-faceted resource that both educates students and helps them to take action” said Smith, FS’s founder.

The Fight Sallie team is looking to raise $250K to help them further develop their website, digital materials and purchase their first round of student debt. To jump-start the campaign, the Fight Sallie team is offering super cool kickbacks to everyone who gets involved. Perks include original campaign swag, a chance to host a Fight Sallie video and two tickets to their launch event in Philadelphia. But for those who cannot make it, the party will be live streamed for all to enjoy.

From its pending website to its new buyout program, the Fight Sallie Mae Project is sure to make a much needed change in the lives of students. For a more detailed look at Fight Sallie and to contribute to their campaign, visit their IndieGoGo page at

About Fight Sallie
Fight Sallie is a new organization that’s on a mission “to eliminate student loan debt, one student at time”. In an effort to bailout students from their loans, the Fight Sallie website will provide college students and graduates with student loan advice, resources and access to an in-house student bailout program. Fight Sallie intends to launch their website in May 2015. For more information, visit:

Contact Details
Name: Montez Smith
Phone: (267) 402 7743
Email: |
Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr: @FightSallie