New Industry Trendspotting Proves Crowdfunding Is Here and Growing

Increase in demand, decrease in successful funding campaigns opens door for professional approach


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2014 -- Boost Your Campaign, the premier source of experienced online marketers focused on Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaign success, announced today new crowdfunding industry trends.

“Crowdfunding may seem too good to be true,” says Thomas Landers, CEO of Boost Your Campaign. “You have a great idea, you create a web page, and a month later, you hopefully have enough money to bring your idea to fruition. For countless artists, writers, and filmmakers, platforms such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter did just that.”

With a growing amount of campaigns, the crowdfunding concept became approachable for everyone with a product, idea, or a good voice. This huge growth in people launching crowdfunding campaigns resulted in a battle of the best looking, the most well-known, or the most active on social media. This trend meant smaller individuals were often left behind with just a small percentage of their target funded.

Statistics now show that only one in ten Indiegogo campaigns gets funded. It is of this marked increase in demand for crowdfunding campaigns and the decrease in successful campaigns that the company Boost Your Campaign was born. Boost Your Campaign offers a sought after service platform for individuals and smaller companies alike.

As a company of five crowdfunding and marketing specialists, Boost Your Campaign already supported more than 74 crowdfunding campaigns by successfully increasing their page ranks and driving more visitors through full press coverage, creative pre-launch activities, and comprehensive social media strategies.

Recently Boost Your Campaign became partly owned by Naxxoo/Rover Marketing, a creative marketing agency of more than 60 people with offices in NYC, LA, and Milan, which has helped many big crowd funding projects to reach their targets in the last few years.

According to Boost Your Campaign's new study and the trends the company has observed, the massive increase in interest has fundamentally shifted the main challenge of crowdfunding. The process of crowdfunding has changed from the simplicity of placing a campaign on a crowdfunding site to clamoring for visibility, bringing the message to investors, and persuading them to fund a product that, quite often, does not yet exist.

This is a challenge that Boost Your Campaign is more than ready to take on. Whether entrepreneurs are in the pre-launch stage of crowdfunding campaigns or already near the end, the company is equipped to make campaigns successful.

“Many people think of their crowdfunding campaign as just selling a product," advises Landers, "but you're really launching your company to the world."

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