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New Innovation in Debris and Waste Removal in Construction Cuts Labour Cost by 30%


Saugus, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2017 -- The construction companies are now making it possible to cut the overall construction budget with the introduction of a simple tool; easy chute- a waste disposal system to remove debris and trash from high rise buildings and rooftops. Using easy chutes to remove waste on construction sites have reported less casualties and less labour cost. This simple waste disposal system is now finding its way as an indispensable tool in any construction demolition site.

Easy chute is a portable and easy to install debris chute made from thick, woven coated polypropylene material. This light weighted chute is responsible for easy and quick removal of debris and other waste from high rise building and rooftops during construction. Unlike traditional waste removal systems which are bulky, easy chute does not require much space and resources to be installed. Compared to other traditional construction demolition chute, easy chute is much cheaper and much easier to install.

Contractors who have used easy chute to remove debris and other waste from high rise buildings have reportedly been able to finish their project on time and with lesser man hour. Removing debris and waste from high rise building manually also posed a number of risks and also increase labour cost. Using easy chute reduces not only the overall construction budget and time but more importantly provides a safer construction site. Fewer casualties are reported wherever easy chutes are used.

Easy chutes are now trending with construction companies and are also easily available in the market at a very reasonable price. Previous users have recommended that it is cheaper to purchase an easy chute from the market than to rent from constructions companies. With cheap and better quality of easy chutes available in the market, many construction companies are making good use of this simple yet innovative technology that has made trash and waste removal from construction sites easy and quick.

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