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New Insect Repellent Android App Released by Weird Apparatus Mobile Applications Developer


Maroubra South, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/27/2012 -- Executives at Weird Apparatus , a mobile app developer, today announced the release of the company’s latest app which is named mosQUITo - Sonic Repellent. The app is a fully functioning insect repellent which works with a combination of various sonic signals, both in audible and ultrasonic ranges to repel biting fertilized female mosquitoes.

The audible sonic signal which is used by the mosQUITo app is that of the flapping wings of a dragonfly which is a natural predator of mosquitoes so they avoid the sound at all costs. The app’s various ultrasonic signals mimic the sounds that are produced by mosquito males which act as a repeller against female mosquitoes which are already fertilized.

“Simple to use. Crisp graphics. Comprehensive functionality. Does exactly what was promised and does it well. I personally don't get obsessed about mosquitos, but my daughter is very sensitive to mosquito bites. Last night I ran the app for a couple of minutes with my daughter's room windows open, then closed the windows and doors, and left the app running overnight in the power saving mode. This morning she had no new mosquito bites, first time in weeks. Best spent two bucks ever.” - Anton

The mosQUITo’s ultrasonic signal variety is designed to cover most genera of the Culicidae family which makes the mosQUITo mobile app the most versatile and effective application of its kind on the market. There simply isn’t a better mosquito repellent available that works without sprays or gels of any kind. It relies on a combination of various sonic signals both in audible and ultrasonic ranges to repel biting fertilized female mosquitoes.

What makes the mosQUITo repeller unique is the apps combination of traditional ultrasonic tones with the audible sounds of flapping dragonfly wings. This combination gives the repeller unparalleled effectiveness and allows it to function in almost any environment.

Another major benefit for consumers is that the mosQUITo application leaves no ecological footprint. There is nothing left behind by the app as it works over the air waves to accomplish its task of protecting people against a mosquito attacks. The app has so far received excellent reviews by everyone who has tried it and most users recommend it to their friends and family members.

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