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New Instructional Book Teaches Alluring Craft of Ayurveda and Thai Massage

With over twenty years of experience in therapeutic and healing arts, Ariela Grodner shares her wisdom and skills with others in a new 90-hour training book on Ayurveda and Thai Massage.


Gainesville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2012 -- With the stresses and demands of modern life, everyone is in need of therapeutic relaxation. Ancient healing arts have long been providing relief and now, thanks to a new instructional book by an acclaimed industry expert, anyone can try their hand at Ayurveda and Thai Massage.

Ariela Grodner, author of ‘Ayurveda and Thai Message: A Comprehensive Guide’, compiles her popular ninety-hour course into two hundred and sixty pages of rich and compelling information. The book explores many of the vital facets of ancient healing arts, while providing encyclopaedic resources for students of yoga, Ayurveda and massage. Geared towards those looking to start or build on their own practice, the book is proving a vital read for thousands.

“It is important to spread the ancient way of touching each other in a therapeutic way, it is a tradition preserved from the time of the Buddha,” says Grodner, who has been practicing healing arts since the early 90s.

She continues, “Today People are living a very fast stressed life. It is important to receive quality loving touch to balance the mind and body so we can make wise choices in life and enjoy the beauty in every moment.”

The manual covers a myriad of topics including basic stances, body mechanics, hand techniques, energy lines, marma points, Ayurveda (applicable to massage), diagnostics, The ‘3 hour sequence’, the advanced side line sequence, life style, recipes, Buddhist philosophy, and much more.

“It’s a very powerful tool for the Thai massage practitioner, as well as anyone else interested in ancient healing arts or holistic health,” Grodner adds.

‘Ayurveda and Thai Message: A Comprehensive Guide’, published by Create Space, can be purchased directly from the publisher.

Purchase link: https://www.createspace.com/3725311

ISBN: 1467944963

Official Blurb:

A guide to the 108 hour training offered by Ariela Grodneris covered in this outstanding learning tool. This book contains over 5 hours of applied body work, the complete line system and marma points. It also covers Thai Massage and its roots with the Ayurvedic application. This includes Yogic techniques, understanding of the Vata sub types, different touch techniques for different constitutions as well as life style guide for self-maintenance. It covers safety instructions, including contraindications, intake forms and guidelines for creating a safe and professional atmosphere. This is the most complete Thai Massage book available.

About the Author: Ariela
Arielas' initiation into the healing arts occurred in India, during a journey undertaken in 1991. Having come in order to deepen her knowledge of the Yogic arts, Ariela sought out and found both Yogic and Ayurvedic masters to study with. Her journeys throughout the south of India studying, practicing and eventually teaching under the guidance of her teachers, became a catalyst for a change in her life's direction.

After returning to the U.S, Ariela sold her business (a retail store by the name of Sweet Charity) to her parents and began pursuing a career in the healing arts. After studying Herbal Medicine at Seven Song's school in Ithaca, Ariela went on to study bodywork at the Florida School of Massage. Becoming an LMT led to the establishment of her private practice in Gainesville (Florida) in 2002, and continues to flourish today.