New Investor and Crowdfunding Website Firebird Speed Focuses on Russian, CIS Start-Up Investment Opportunities

Firebird Speed connects US and Western European investors with Russian, CIS start-up investment opportunities in technology and new media.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2013 -- A new start-up investment funding and crowdfunding website was unveiled today, aimed at start-up enterprises in the Russian Federation. Located in New York City, Firebird Speed seeks to help fund Russian and CIS projects by accessing investors in the US and Western Europe. Favored start-up investment projects will be in the area of technology and new media. The Firebird concept is to allow extremely unique first-hand access without wasting time with security, confidentiality and due diligence requirements.

The website is live and available immediately at

Before member enterprises are registered and able to participate in receiving start-up investment funding, they go through Firebird's own due diligence system. The process begins with an intake membership application available at the website. Once a company's project gets approval they will be showcased in Firebird Speed's general portfolio, with participating analysts from some of the world's top investment institutions labeling select projects as "HOT".

Investors will be allowed to reveal as much or as little information about themselves as they like. NDA contracts will be signed electronically with Firebird Speed during the registration process.

Investors and companies/projects will be required to participate in hour long speed-funding sessions. Sessions are to be given in both a general setting and in sessions based on the type of business/project, investor requirements, and investment preferences. During these sessions, relevant investors and company/project principles will be given 5 minutes to communicate with one another before moving on the next set of investors and principles. Communication is facilitated via audio integrated IM capability. Instant-translation capabilities can be made available.

Following the sessions, both investors and companies/project principles will receive a follow-up report listing companies and projects deemed attractive. One-on-one sessions can then be scheduled and will take place in private conferencing rooms. During this part of the process more documentation on the companies can be made available upon request. Firebird will stand ready to assist investors in obtaining desired due diligence, and help member companies formulate proper financials and other documentation need by the investors in this part of the process.

Once an investor is ready to move forward, and if the company/project is in agreement, both will be asked to sign an electronic NDA and LOI. Investment monies will then be placed in escrow, and Firebird will perform all additional needed due diligence, disclose full details on both parties to one another, and assist in preparing legal documentation needed to secure start-up investment. The investor will have between 2 weeks to one month, as per agreement, to complete the investment or withdraw.

About Firebird Speed
Firebird Speed is located in New York City and operates as an start-up investment and crowdfunding resource with a focus on start-ups in technology and new media located in Russia and CIS countries.

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